ALLON4 Dental Treatments Mexico

All-On-4 dental Implant and the AllOn6,  are the common names of two dental implant options, each of which serve to completely reconstruct a patient’s Oral function and smile. You may be wondering what the differences are among these two options, so we’ll help make that clear.

The Numbers 4 and 6 represent the amount of implants that will be surgically placed into the Mandible / Maxilla.

Our dental Implant Specialists determine which option is right for you by using a 3D Scan called a Tomography or CT technology to gather an accurate reading of your specific bone structure. The quality, density, and quantity of your bone is determined through our 3-D imaging, and thoroughly studied by the doctor, which will allow them the plan and perform a Virtual Computer guided surgery  all before your procedure. This allows the highest level of precision

Undergoing these procedures allows a patient to get as close to authentic, natural looking and functioning teeth as they are ever going to get.

Our dental Implant Specialists are Experienced and respected in the field implant dentistry (A Former LSU Professor who taught the ALL-ON-4 Technique, A international Speaker, Author and founder of the Implant department at Mexico’s most prestigious University UNAM, and a Former Professor of dental anatomy and integral odontology at the univesidad intercontinental)

We are confident that you will choose our services due to our hard earned Reputation as GCR TOP Ranked dental Clinic Mexico 2016 & 2017. Our patient satisfaction combined with our dedication to your Health, Appearance and Care with the additional benefit of Saving a substantial amount that you would be charged in the United states or Canada. But you can rest assured you will not be downgrading Quality or Treatment Outcomes.

If you are you tired of being in pain, uncomfortable even unhappy with your current Oral condition then let us help.


Transportation – Airport collection on Arrival and return Departure. All Clinical appointments to and from Hotel.

Personal Case manager 100% English spoken

24 hour contact number with Doctor and Case Manager

Individualised Results

Each treatment is planned on an individual basis and whilst certain patients may need additional more than four implants on occasion or other procedures for appropriate long term. Our Cancun dental Team  are focused on achieving optimal function and aesthetics for your specific case requirements.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us

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