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    I was in Mexico on my honeymoon when I started with toothache and had to quickly find a dentist. I found recommendations for Dentaris and I am so glad that I did.

    My overall experience was excellent from start to finish. The communications with Anthony were always answered in a prompt and friendly manner. He quickly arranged an appointment for me and when we met him the following day he was extremely helpful and informative.

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    We found Dentaris years ago when we first moved to Isla Mujeres.  We wanted a dental practice that was modern and well respected and the offered ride from the ferry was an extra bonus.  Over the years,  I think most all our friends here have migrated to Dentaris.  Some just for cleaning and routine care and some who have had major dental work done by Dr. Berron and the wonderful dentists in this group.  Dr. Berron is by far the best dentist we have ever had and we know many who agree.  He is highly accomplished, exceptionally caring and has a way of giving you every confidence that you are in good hands.  Over the years, we have become friendly with the office staff and all are kind and professional and will go out of their way to assist you no matter the need.  The other dentists on staff are also part of the caring and professional team that make up this practice.  We’ve seen several of them when Dr. Berron was not in the office and would trust any of them.  Over the years, we have become friendly with the office staff and all are kind and professional and will go out of their way to assist you no matter the need.  

    Karen and Edward Mickool

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    I visited Dr.Berron while on a 10 day trip to Cancun. My teeth were in bad shape, and I was very unsure I’d be able to get the results I was hoping for.

    After an initial consult and examination including x-rays), I found that the repair work needed was actually far more extensive than I had thought. Dr.Berron carefully explained all of my options, and showed me the x-rays and pictures, so that I could see why he made these recommendations, and offered me several options to suit what I was looking for. I ended up getting all of the work done, and I could not be happier! The professionalism of the entire staff was second to none, the standard of hygiene, and work completed, was as good or better than any I have encountered in Canada (where dental standards are rigorous).

    In addition to this, Antony was incredibly helpful, going so far as to arrange transportation to and from the Airport, and to and from our resort for every appointment.

    In short, if you are going to Cancun to have dental work done, or just happen to need something done while there, I highly recommend visiting Dentaris!!!

    The Professionalism of the entire staff was second to none,

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    I have had two very traumatic wisdom tooth extraction experiences in the past, so I have been putting off getting my last ones out until I couldn’t handle it anymore. needless to say I was more than scared. I went in to Dentaris for a consultation, and met with the kindest and most professional staff I’ve ever encountered. Dr. Jaoquin Berron came in, checked it out, and listened to my concerns and story about my past experiences. and within5 minutes I was numbed and wisdom tooth was out, with no pain or discomfort even. it has now been 2 days since and I am back to normal. My mouth never became swollen, and I never had to take any kind of pain med. it was such a clean extraction. I didn’t even know it was possible.

    I cannot thank them enough for an easy and great dentist experience that I didn’t know was even possible.

    I will return for all future dental needs and refer everyone I talk to!

    Great dentist experience,

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    Top shelf dental care, plus excellent customer service make Dentaris Cancun a winner. I have told many friends and acquaintances about my new crowns and the wonderful service that I received from Dr. Berron and his entire staff. Thank you so much for a terrific experience.

    My wife and I had a trip coming up for our wedding anniversary, and I found Dentaris when I decided to look into a dental services opportunity during our vacation. I requested more information from their website, and was contacted via email by Antony, I forwarded my recent dental exam report and x-rays for review by Dr. Berron. We stayed in touch until we arrived in Cancun, then met for the initial appointment. I was very pleased to find that Dr. Berron had a modern professional dental office and staff. We discussed the treatment plan, agreed on the pricing, and began the dental prep for the crowns. Dr. Berron is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA) and was educated, and taught at LSU. His skill and expertise were evident to me, as soon, as he began the prep work. Since they own their own lab, the five crowns were ready for installation in just seven days. Antony arranged for all transportation to and from our hotel for all of the appointments, including the adjustments to the fit, following the crown installation. Every facet of the experience was positive, and I would highly recommend Dr. Berron and Dentaris to anyone seeking expert dental care and professional customer service. I smile all the time, and have told many of my friends and relatives about this great dental experience.

    Gracias y Salud,

    Walter Davis

    Five Stars,

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    Dr Berron is excellent, I have a small mouth and he was very articulate, he put 3 implants in the back molars and veneers in front. I am extremely happy. The customer service everywhere in Cancun is outstanding. Dont worry about a thing.

    Just book a nice place, get your airline tickets, with antisipation of having a functional and wonderful mouth and vacation in a short period of time.

    Respectfully Eileen Jones

    Dr Berron is Excellent,

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    Everything is great! I couldn’t be happier with my teeth and with my experience with everyone from Dr. Berron’s office. Thank you again for everything and have a great holiday! Warm Regards, Erin

    Everything was Great!,

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    Over a 9 month period, they never once pushed me to make a decision. their focus was on helping me make a good decision that I would be happy with. Prior to my decision he arranged a call so that I could speak directly with Dr. Berron. I must say that my experience has been totally positive! and checked with me daily throughout the process to make sure that all was well and that I wasn’t having any problems.

    On my first appointment, Dr. Berron went through a visual detailed explanation of the work that would be done and at all times made sure I was comfortable before proceeding. Going to the dentist has always been something I dreaded. My experience with Dr. Berron, has given me a new perspective on dental treatment. I found both he and his staff to be absolutely amazing! I have never experience that level of dental care in my life.

    To top it off, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results and would highly recommend the entire Team for your dental needs. Of course I can’t forget to mention the bonus of having a vacation at the same time.”

    Sally Leon

    I have never experience that level of dental care in my life.,

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    All of my expectations were exceeded regarding the replacement of 8 crowns. Each of the dentists were professional and caring–with no language barriers. The removal of the old crowns, along with the related temporary inserts and impressions went smoothy without any discomfort. (The numbing process took effect immediately rather than waiting 10-15 minutes as I was accustomed). The second visit of placing the new crowns was also completed without any discomfort.

    The staff were most hospitable and caring as you provided great information for activities around the area near the clinic. Also, Antony, thanks for the sandwich after my initial visit. I will be recommending the clinic to others who have dental needs. It was a great experience—dental wise and vacation wise.

    Thanks so much’.

    Wayne Bettendorf

    It was a great experience—dental wise and vacation wise,

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    I was so impressed with the staff at Dentaris in Cancun. I probably wouldn’t have been so bold to just show up after looking at their website, but I was referred by my cousin who really had some amazing work done – and couldn’t stop raving about the deal he’d found. He almost made me book my first appointment.

    Both my wife and I visited last year and just had some normal stuff (a root canal, a cap, and a couple cavities) and we got a vacation for less then the dentist in our hometown of Olympia was going to charge for just me! Not only that, but they re-built a tooth I had busted out when I was a kid that didn’t look quite real, and it still was less then my quote for the normal stuff at home!!! Not only that, but everybody at Dentaris is extremely genuine, friendly and helpful, and make you feel right at home too.

    I have a whole bunch of people taking my advice already. Do yourself a favor and at least give them a call. Tell them Stephen sent you!

    Stephen Steinbach

    Dentaris is extremely genuine, friendly and helpful,

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    Dr. Berron: Your wonderful skill in transforming my smile will be something I never will forget. Every time I look into a mirror, I will remember your excellent work and kindness. Thank you so very much.

    Antony: I would like to thank you for your superb service in making our visit to Cancun go very well. Your helpful presence in person, by email and phone, really helped make our stay a success.

    Warmest regards, Susan Capps PS: Feel free to pass on my email address or even phone number to anyone needing a patient recommendation.

    Wonderful Skill,

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    My experience at Dentaris was exceptional !!

    I live in Minnesota and spend the Winter months on the island known as Isla Mujeres and I needed dental work. I heard about Dentaris and Dr. Berron from friends.

    I needed fillings, crowns, and an implant.

    I found Dr. Berron and his entire staff very welcoming and professional to the highest level. The location is close to the ferry and Dentaris provides pick-up and return to the ferry landing. They have a wonderful office and state of the art equipment – very impressive!

    I would enthusiastically recommend Dentaris to anyone needing dental work.

    Patrick Lawson


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    My appointments Dentaris in Cancun have been the best ever dental experience.

    I live on Isla Mujeres so their free pickup and return to the passenger ferry is extremely useful. Dentaris has friendly professional staff. A clean, well-equipped clinic, and affordable prices. And both times I have run into island friends. It’s like old-home-week.

    A clean, well-equipped clinic, and affordable prices,

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    Hello everyone! I just wanted to leave a testimonial as I am so happy with the work you did on me and your service. So here goes: I was referred to Dr. Berron by a friend who specialized in finding reputable dentists in Mexico. He said this clinic was a place where he had his dental work done and was fully confident that I would receive excellent service for a fraction of the price I would have to pay in Canada. And I could recover in the sunshine in beautiful Cancun! That is exactly what I did. Dr. Berron was fantastic and his staff are so welcoming and helpful. I was picked up at the airport and driven to my hotel and was picked up for each of my appointments. I had implants put in for my dentures and had to go back 4 months later for the placement of my denture, after the implants had fused to my jaw. This time I brought my daughter along with me for the holiday. Two trips to Mexico, flights and hotels, one trip with my daughter, and all the dental work still cost less than just having the dental work done in Canada. I can\’t wait to go back and have implants put in for my upper denture! I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Berron and his staff.

    By Tina, Canada

    I am So Happy with the work,

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    So very happy I found Dr. Berron!!!! I’ve had an AMAZING experience with Dentaris, Absolutely the best!

    Absolutely the Best,

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    I come from NC and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Great, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. I’ve been 4 times in the last 5 years. I’ve had major and minor work done. Always a good experience. I highly recommend Dentaris for all your dental needs.

    Wouldn’t go anywhere else!,

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    We HIGHLY recommend Dentaris! From start to finish, we were provided top quality, honest service. Both the staff and dentist went above and beyond to make sure my husband was taken care of – they even gave us a better quote than our dentist here in the states! If you need dental work done, look no further! …and if you’re coming from the states, it’s well worth the trip, too!

    We Highly recommend,

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    I would recommend anyone seeking dental work to come to Dr Beron and his staff. They do what they say, are knowledgable, professional and treat their patients with care. I now have that perfect smile and once i returned to Canada everyone was so impressed with the dental work done. So if you are considering dental work then you have picked the right place to go.

    I’m still smiling, Cindy Gregory

    I now have the Perfect Smile,

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    We have been patients of Dr. Joaquin Berron; both here at LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans, and at his private clinic in Cancun, Q R, Mexico.

    Berron is a first-rate Dentist. His offices & facilities in Cancun are as nice or nicer than any in Houston. The equipment, devices, prosthetics, etc; are the SAME as he used in the USA.

    Berron, personally, is a true gentleman and an excellent Dentist.

    We have used Dr. Berron for several years, and hope to continue to do so.

    Everything is spelled-out in detail after a first visit exam. A treatment plan, with details of options is given to patients.

    Rick Fremaux, MD

    LSU Med Faculty, N.O. LA

    Dr Berron is First Rate,

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    Excellent care, top quality work and the best staff ever encountered in a dental office anywhere.

    Diane White

    Best Staff ever encountered,


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