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    Here are some before and after patients who have visited Dentaris and their Smile Makeovers in Mexico.

    The majority are full oral rehabilitations and smile makeovers. Each patient has decided with the doctor, the look, style and color of their smiles and the type of look they wanted. This is a collaboration between patient, dentist and laboratory.

    We are all unique and we all are one of a kind!

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  • Zirconia Dental Crowns

    Full oral rehabilitation performed with zirconia crowns. This transformation was performed in 10 days with the patient visiting the clinic on 5 occasions. This was a case where the patient was not initially thinking to complete the whole work, but after sitting down with Dr Berrón and discussing the options, they chose to do it. The testimonial is available on our other section Testimonies – Important to remember.

    • All transportation included for all clinical appointments.
    • 24 hour communication with specialists and patient managers between appointments
    • Patients are involved 100% in their smile design with the guidance of our specialists and.
  • Dental implant / Zirconia Crowns

    This treatment required 2 separate visits, due to the need for a dental implant in the front. We were able to provide a temporary crown over the implant on the first trip so there was no space when smiling and more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the patient. The zirconia crowns were performed on the second visit to restore the sparkle to an already nice smile elected by the patient and compliment the new crown over implant.

    before after 01
  • Implants / Crowns / Implant Bridge

    Full Upper Rehabilitation using dental implants, dental crowns and dental implant supported bridge. The quality and caliber of our laboratory is evident in this arch awaiting to be transferred to our patients mouth.

    beore adter 12
  • Temporary Veneers

    This is a Case of Temporary Veneers. In one visit the change is noticeable and gives a great indication of the change the Permanent Veneers will provide.

    before after 13
  • Root Canal

    Infected tooth. Complex case due to curvy roots and calcified canals.

    beore adter 14
  • ALLON 4 Dental Implants

    This is a Case of the ALL ON 4 Dental Implant Protocol. Amazing results and a choice for many patients seeking fixed solutions instead of loose uncomfortable dentures.

    before after 15
  • Natural Looking Smile

    A Case that aims to make the smile noticeable for all the right reasons and not be immediately recognized as having cosmetic work performed. Natural and Beautiful Porcelain Veneers in Cancun with Dentaris.

    before after 16
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Full Porcelain Veneers, Models, Computer design and the Team work of talented Dentaris dental specialists and our laboratory. A smile that will last and shine.

    before after 17
  • Veneers

    The difference in this case is immediately obvious, uniformed and beautifully natural. All from our dedicated Cancun and Playa del Carmen dental specialists.

    before after 18
  • Porcelain Veneers

    This noticeable change was accomplished with porcelain veneers, there were some slight resin fillings as well but posterior. This procedure was completed in 7 days and we performed this over 3 appointments. The change is noticeable but only for the added sparkle./p>

  • Porcelain Crowns

    A Beautiful Smile Transformation of the upper arch completed with porcelain crowns. A great patient who elected to return the Shine and esthetics to her smile, and it shows! after only 1 week in Cancun.

    before after 03
  • ALLON 6

    This is a case of the ALL ON 6 dental implant rehabilitation upper and lower arches with extractions, sinus elevations, bone graft and surgical guides. 3 separate visits to Cancun and the design of the fixed arches were at the request of the patient seeking a specific look and style which we think suits her amazingly well.

    before after 04
  • Dental Crowns Smile Rehabilitation

    This was a case that required root canals and dental crowns (28 teeth). This was a treatment set that took 11 days to complete and the after photos show what a transformation this had for our patient.

    before after 05
  • Porcelain Veneers

    Full Veneer Smile Rejuvenation, First it was decided to do only the Upper but after the fantastic results and satisfaction, the lowers were then requested to be completed too. A Beautiful Sparkle returned!

    before after 06
  • WOW Factor

    This is the WOW factor for a patient who underwent a smile transformation. Full Zirconia Dental Crowns in Cancun.

    before after 08
  • Porcelain Veneers Cosmetic Smile

    Full Porcelain Veneers were chosen to really bring out this patient’s smile. A procedure that still has to prepare some of the tooth structure but it is less invasive than dental crowns. In 7 days this smile was ready to be proudly presented to the world.

  • Dental Crowns

    This Amazing Transformation was possible with the use of zirconia dental crowns in 1 week at Dentaris.

    before after 09
  • Full Dental Crowns Upper

    Complete Upper Arch of Dental Crowns with a cleaning on the lower arch (8 days in Cancun, 3 appointments).

    before after 10
  • Full Dental Crowns MakeOver

    A great case where the patient was looking for a full smile makeover to dramatically change the look of his smile. Zirconia dental crowns were chosen to provide the best outcome and look including dental bridges. A very happy patient.

    before after 07
  • Full Arch Dental Crowns

    This is a model straight from our laboratory ready to be placed and tested on our patient.

    beore adter 11


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