Our Reputation for Dental Excellence is hard Earned, We Invite you to put it to the Test.

30 Years Operating with distinction in Cancun & Riviera Maya and the Only  GCR Awarded TOP dental clinic Mexico for 2 consecutive years 2016 & 2017. We offer a level of experience, specialized understanding  and ability within niche dental fields such as Complex Oral Rehabilitations, Restorations and Implant dentistry combined with honest  transparent treatments explanations and pricing that very few dental clinics can match. Patients do not choose Dentaris just because they save Money, thats is just a happy coincidence. They choose Dentaris because they know they are assured of the receiving the Very best care, attention, service and results from the most Respected dental professionals in Cancun & Riviera Maya. Honest and Transparent Pricing, no hidden fees. Exceptional Dentistry in Cancun combined with an Unforgettable Vacation.  

Dentaris is Located in the Two Very Best Vacation destinations

Dentaris has two clinic locations in the most popular and beautiful destinations, Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.
As you can see on the Map you have the options of staying or visiting many Amazing surrounding sites between appointments if you so wished.
From your arrival at Cancun Airport our Principal clinic in Cancun is just 15 minutes away and if you are staying in Playa del Carmen our clinic there is just a short ride from the Riviera Maya and surrounding areas.
It is Important to remember that all complete Oral rehabilitations and Full Smile Makeovers as well as wok performed by Dr Berron is in our Cancun clinic, so if you are choosing a hotel we recommend to be in the Cancun zone.

Visit some of the most Beautiful, Natural and culturally significant sites in this Peninsular during your stay. For Tours, Excursions and Transportation we are partnered Exclusively with Operadora Santa Fe and MEX Tours.

  • 1 Cancún
  • 2 Playa del Carmen is | 1h 8 min | 67.9 km from Cancun

Top 10 Destinations Mexico:

  • 1. Playa del Carmen
  • 2. Cancun
  • 5. Tulum

GCR Top dental Clinic Mexico

We will Return your Smile and Quality of Life

The team here at Dentaris  can give you the Smile of your dreams, Return your Confidence, allow you to eat what you like and Smile when you want.

Dentaris is a GCR Accredited Top dental Clinic winner Mexico 2016 & 2017 providing Affordable dentistry to Thousands of American and Canadians each year.
We aim to bring you nothing but the very best dental experience, and to do this we ask that you provide us with as much information about your dental  needs and expectations including any and all questions you might have, it does not matter how many questions you want to ask, we are here to listen and help and make a difference.
Our strengths are Listening , informing, arranging and Ultimately our specialists performing the dentistry you need to change your life and protect your bank balance.
But we need to work together with you as a team, because without the right information for your case we cannot bring our A game to you, so with our trained coordinators and dental specialists we will guide you on what we need, so we can provide you with the most accurate and detailed information about your dental treatments  and exactly what services we will provide for you, and with this information you can make a well informed decision and be in control of your choice to visit us here in Beautiful Cancun.

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