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Read what our patients think of their experiences with Dentaris and why we are recognized as the Top dental clinic Mexico, Cancun.

My appointments Dentaris in Cancun have been the best ever dental experience. I live on Isla Mujeres so their free pickup and return to the passenger ferry is extremely useful. Dentaris has friendly professional staff. A clean, well-equipped clinic, and affordable prices. And both times I have run into island friends. It’s like old-home-week.
A clean, well-equipped clinic, and affordable prices,

Hello everyone! I just wanted to leave a testimonial as I am so happy with the work you did on me and your service. So here goes: I was referred to Dr. Berron by a friend who specialized in finding reputable dentists in Mexico. He said this clinic was a place where he had his dental work done and was fully confident that I would receive excellent service for a fraction of the price I would have to pay in Canada. And I could recover in the sunshine in beautiful Cancun! That is exactly what I did. Dr. Berron was fantastic and his staff are so welcoming and helpful. I was picked up at the airport and driven to my hotel and was picked up for each of my appointments. I had implants put in for my dentures and had to go back 4 months later for the placement of my denture, after the implants had fused to my jaw. This time I brought my daughter along with me for the holiday. Two trips to Mexico, flights and hotels, one trip with my daughter, and all the dental work still cost less than just having the dental work done in Canada. I can\’t wait to go back and have implants put in for my upper denture! I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Berron and his staff.

By Tina, Canada
I am So Happy with the work,

So very happy I found Dr. Berron!!!! I’ve had an AMAZING experience with Dentaris, Absolutely the best!

Absolutely the Best,

I come from NC and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Great, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. I’ve been 4 times in the last 5 years. I’ve had major and minor work done. Always a good experience. I highly recommend Dentaris for all your dental needs.

Wouldn’t go anywhere else!,

We HIGHLY recommend Dentaris! From start to finish, we were provided top quality, honest service. Both the staff and dentist went above and beyond to make sure my husband was taken care of – they even gave us a better quote than our dentist here in the states! If you need dental work done, look no further! …and if you’re coming from the states, it’s well worth the trip, too!

We Highly recommend,

I would recommend anyone seeking dental work to come to Dr Beron and his staff. They do what they say, are knowledgable, professional and treat their patients with care. I now have that perfect smile and once i returned to Canada everyone was so impressed with the dental work done. So if you are considering dental work then you have picked the right place to go. I’m still smiling, Cindy Gregory

I now have the Perfect Smile,

We have been patients of Dr. Joaquin Berron; both here at LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans, and at his private clinic in Cancun, Q R, Mexico.

Berron is a first-rate Dentist. His offices & facilities in Cancun are as nice or nicer than any in Houston. The equipment, devices, prosthetics, etc; are the SAME as he used in the USA.

Berron, personally, is a true gentleman and an excellent Dentist.

We have used Dr. Berron for several years, and hope to continue to do so.

Everything is spelled-out in detail after a first visit exam. A treatment plan, with details of options is given to patients.

Rick Fremaux, MD
LSU Med Faculty, N.O. LA

Dr Berron is First Rate,

From the initial planning stages, both Antony and Dr. Berron were very present and available to me, answering my many questions patiently and always generous with their time. They were never pushy, just informative and helpful, before I decided to go with them. Dr. Berron also told me, after consulting with Dr. Sierra, that I didn’t need nearly as much work as the U. S. surgeons said that I did, which was way different from all the other Cancun practices I requested quotes from, who all were perfectly happy to just quote on as much expensive work as the U.S. surgeons wanted to do!

Smoothly arranging transportation to and from the airport, and to and from my appointments at no extra charge (including a stop on the way back from my first appointment consultation at Walmart, which seemed above and beyond the call), to the way my appointments were planned (so that it felt like I was practically their only patient, and never had to wait more than a couple minutes), to the constant encouragement and patient answering of all my questions, Antony and Dr. Berron were always there for us, for both me, as the slightly nervous patient, as well as totally supporting my husband and his concerns, they were totally amazing! Even Marco, their in-house driver, has a patient, helpful, and caring attitude

I’ve never been treated so well by ANY dentist or dental practice in the U.S. as I was (and still am) treated by Dentaris and Dr. Berron, and Dr. Sierra (and I’ve seen tons of other dentists, periodontists and dental surgeons over my 60 years in the several U.S. states I’ve lived in).

Dr. Berron takes great care to be encouraging, with the best bedside manner of any doctor of any specialty I’ve ever had as well! Plus he took all the time we needed to answer our questions without rushing, and to be sure we understood everything possible, both before and after my surgery. My husband was even allowed to be in the room and observe during my 2 hour surgery while I was sedated, and that was comforting to me as well.

Dr. Berron and Antony continue to respond patiently and quickly to my questions. These people are professional, more than talented, capable and qualified, plus they genuinely care about you as a whole person!” Amazing for any dental office anywhere! You will not regret your decision to work with them!

Never been treated so well by any dentist in U.S. as I was by Dentaris,

Excellent care, top quality work and the best staff ever encountered in a dental office anywhere.

Diane White

Best Staff ever encountered,

I could not be happier with the work that I had done at Dentaris. Dr Berron and his staff got me from a very bad state to a smile that I am happy to show off. The total experience was excellent. I was a very nervous patient and they were great about helping me feel less anxious about the whole process. I highly recommend Dentaris.

I Could not be Happier,