Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence  Cancun

How long do dental implants last?

Implants can last as long as natural teeth, as long as the patient has a good oral hygiene and has his periodical dental appointments for prophylaxis and check-ups

Does implant surgery is painful?

This is a very common question we receive from our patients prior to any surgery and with quiet confidence the answer is no.The Majority of Implant procedures performed at Dentaris have patients noting little pain with only slight discomfort and tenderness as signs of the completed procedures having been done, medications will be prescribed before or after the Implants are placed. Due to the use of Virtual Surgery and the skill of the Clinicians the treatments are precise and heal quicker. Most patients go about their day as normal, but following our post operative instructions.

After Care Instructions

Our staff will present you with a leaflet that informs a patient who has just had surgery the best ways to care and look after their new Smile and or surgical areas for the following weeks. It goes without saying that a rigorous oral hygiene plan has be put into place and followed. As well as advice on the best diets and food types to eat during the healing period to give you the very best chance of recovering quicker. There will also be a list of the certain habits and activities that should be avoided, up to and including Physical excerscise, smoking, heavy drinking, all of which can be detrimental to the success of the Implants and treatments in general. If there are any medications prescribed by the doctors they must be (in cases of Antibiotics, be followed as instructed.) Pain is not something a patient normally associates ith these types of treatments but a little discomfort can be treated with anti inflammatories.

What is the Success Rate of Dental Implants?

Here at Dentaris we enjoy extremely high success rates when treating single and multiple dental implants. The reason that most Dental Implants can fail (in any clinic) are due to a patients lifestyle choices. If a patient does not follow the list of recommendations given by the specialists after Implants are placed the chances of failure can dramaticaly rise.

E.G. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, recreational drug use and not following the antibiotics (if prescribed.) What it basicaly comes down to is how commited a patient is to the success of their treatments. We will provide the very best tools and doctors to perform your treatments but after the surgery it will be up to you the patient to do the rest.

What sterilization procedures do you follow

In today’s world, our need for strict and rigerous Infection control has never been greater.  Dentists, their staff and patients are more acutely aware and concerned about the transmission of infection than ever before. Controlling contamination through sterilization has long been considered the most essential component in the infection control process and vital to patient safety.  And you are thinking of becoming a Dental Tourist, things like being in a different country, different rules?

Now you are researching your options, which is not only a great idea but invaluable to ensuring you receive the very highest standards of care and hygiene.  Dentists and Medical professionals are required by law to sterilize their instruments to protect both patients and practitioners from possible infectious diseases. We here at Dentaris want to ensure that you as a dental tourist and more importantly a Patient of ours know that we, as a professional establishment follow and observe strict sterilization practices to meet with the sterilization, infection prevention and control.

Will I be able to go about my normal daily activities after dental work?

This all comes down to the type of dental treatments you receive here at Dentaris. The Most Common procedures like Dental Crowns, Veneers, yes you can. When we are looking in to such treatments like Full mouth Implant Rehabilitation, Sinus Elevations these do come with certain restrictions and post surgical instructions that are needed to be followed, Special dietary requirements, No Smoking, No physical exercise after,  which we will make you aware of prior to any work being presented or started.


Will I be treated by the dentist I am in touch with?

While it has become common for many Clinics to provide much marketing to a specific dentist and use this to invite and attract patients to use their services, and then swiftly change the dentist who actually performs the work. Dentaris prepares you, your case and promises you will be treated by the dental specialists presented.

What if I change my mind about going ahead with a treatment plan once i have arrived?

Of course if we have not started the work, then we will 100% Respect your decision and in no way push you to proceed with any work you are not completely happy with. The Specialists always work to strict protocols, so you will be aware of the options, the treatments and the work to be performed prior to your visit, and again on your initial first clinical evaluation and chat with them to go over everything once more.

You are in Control, we are here to help!

Can I come for a Second opinion?

We receive around 3 patients each week who have been in contact with Dentaris at some point about their dental work but decided to visit another clinic first / or instead, Mostly  because the costs were less at another clinic.

It is very common for us to be contacted by those same patients who find themselves in Cancun after visiting the other clinic and on inspection realized they would like a second opinion, to visit Dentures. Again we are here to help and provide you with the security that your Smile and Appearance is in the very best hands.