Better the Dental Scan,

Dental Implant Treatment Planning Cancun

If you are looking for estimations for Dental Implant Rehabilitations in Cancun Mexico – Know the Importance of having the Necessary Images to allow specialists to provide accurate and Precision Planning – And not just felt marker on a Panoramic X-ray.

If you want to ensure your case gets the level of attention and detail that you need – We can help you get it.

Why is a panoramic X-ray image is not enough?

Panoramic images are magnified and distorted whereas Cone beam images provide undistorted and accurate views of the jaws. As a result the use of panoramic images to perform measurements is unreliable. Another key difference is that CT images provide different views (cross-sectional, axial, coronal, sagittal, etc.) while panoramic x-rays provide only one view with all structures between the x-ray tube and the image detector superimposed on one another. This allows CT images to separate out the various structures.

What are the Main Applications of CT Imaging?

Dental Implants:
3D CT scans allow the surgeon and restorative dentist to optimally plan and place dental implants.

Pre-operative- identifying important landmarks like inferior dental nerve and maxillary sinus. To determine bone volume and density for optimum 3 dimensional placmenent.

Post operative- To assess bone loss and iatrogenic injury post implant plamcenent.
Have a look at the difference between imaging and Planning


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