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    Dr.Joaquin Berrón

    Prosthetic Dentistry and Implant Dentistry


    High School:
    College/Professional School: Graduate School:
    Reina de Mexico – 1980-86
    Universidad Intercontinental, Mexico City, MX 1986-91
    Integral Dentistry
    Universidad Technologica de Mexico, Mexico City, MX
    Implant Fellowship
    Dept. of Prosthodontics, LSUSHC School of Dentistry New Orleans, LA

    Louisiana Restricted Dental License
    Dr. Francisco Berron Gonzales’ office 1991-93


    Dentaris Cancun. Practice focused in Prosthetic Dentistry and Implants, Owner and General Manager 1994-2012 (over 2000 implants placed)
    Dentaris Playa Del Carmen, Satellite Office of the Practice in Cancun, Co-Owner 2004-2012

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, LSU School of Dentistry, New Orleans, LA July 1, 2011-present
    Coordinator, Implant Fellowship Program, Department of Prosthodontics, LSU School of Dentistry July 1, 2011-present
    LSU TEACHING RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide instruction to Implant Fellow(s) Teach in Fixed/Removable Clinics
    Instructed in the Following Didactic Courses: Introduction to Implant Dentistry
    Principles of Occlusion
    Preclinical Esthetics
    Introduction to Complete Dentures Implants in Dentistry

    Ateneo Odontologico Mexicano
    College of Dental Surgeons, A.C., Quintana Roo Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
    American Academy of Implant Dentistry
    Implant Dentistry, Cancun Dental Society, Cancun, Quintana Roo, 1994 Complicated Prosthetic Rehabilitation, Cancun Dental Society, Quintana Roo, 1994
    Dental Aesthetic Seminar, Dentistry Symposium, 1996
    Fourth Latino American Symposium, Supported Rehabilitation, September 1997 Innovative Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, Ultradent Seminars, February 1999 FDI Annual World Dental Congress, Mexico City, October-November 1999
    Third International Congress of Dental Updates, ADDF, June 2000
    Regional Congress – Ninth Dentistry Congress, Cancún, 2001
    International Symposium on Ceramics, San Diego, CA, June 2002
    Theoretical-Practical Course in Implants, ITI Straumann, Adm, October 2003
    Seminary Adhesive Dentistry for the Milleniu, Ultradent Seminars, Cancun, February 2004
    Restoring Health, Optimizing Function and Comfort, AES, Chicago, IL, February 2008
    AAOMS Implant Conference, Chicago, IL, December 3-5, 2009
    Ateneo Odontologico Mexicano Conference, Avandaro , Mexico, February 1992-2010 (Annual Conferences)
    Eighth International Symposium on Oral Implantology, BTI, Bilbao, Spain, October 1-2, 2010 BTI Seminar, BTI Postgraduate and Training Center, Vitoria, Spain, October 4-6, 2010 American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, Chicago, IL, February 25-26, 2011
    23rd International Symposium on Ceramics, San Diego, CA, June 9-11, 2011
    Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, March 1-3, 2012 Ateneo Odontologico Mexicano Conference, Avandaro , Mexico, March 12-16, 2012
    Ankylos VIP Training, Frankfurt, Germany, June 25-27 2012
    September 5, 2012: Adhesive dentistry in contrast to retentive dentistry: Tooth preparation and esthetic material selection: Dr Marco Brindis, New Orleans, CDR Study club.
    October 3, 2012: Computerized dentistry for the private practice, Dr. Dean Vafiadis, New Orleans, CDR Study club.
    October 12-13, 2012, 3i biomet Headquarters, Conference
    November 7 2012: The 2 visit denture-step by step technique: Dr. Mark Durham, New Orleans, CDR Study club.
    December 5, 2012: A new vision of dental diagnosis and treatment planning: Dr. Bill Robins, New Orleans, CDR Study club.
    January 9, 2013: Zirconia meets lithium disilicate- How reliable are aesthetic implant solutions, New Orleans, CDR Study club.
    Academy of Restorative Dentistry, Annual meeting, Chicago, Ill. February 23/25th 2013
    March 28, 2013: Esthetics- treatment planning, preparation of the patient to achive esthetic goals, methods, and treatment compllications: Dr Gerard Chiche, New Orleans, CDR Study club. 

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